Meet Featured Author-Zainab Merchant

Asalamu Alaikum friends!

We are SO excited to present to you our featured author of Princess Siyana’s Pen, Zainab Merchant. Zainab holds a double degree in Political Science and Homeland Security from Virginia Commonwealth University and has worked in the Non-Profit Sector tackling humanitarian issues globally and domestically. Now she spends her days as homesechooling-horseriding-political activist-stay at home and spends her nights as a graduate student in writing and literature at Harvard University. Zainab lives in sunny Orlando, Florida with her husband and two spirited little boys, with a third on the way Insha’Allah.

We were honored to host Zainab in Chicago for a book reading. After she met with all the kids, we spent some time interviewing her. Watch the interview here and look for her book in one of the coming packages for children ages 8-10.

Watch the interview here:

Here are some highlights from the interview:

  • Zainab’s inspiration is our Prophet (S) and she tries to model her life after him.
  • Zainab made a point to remind everyone that wants to write a book to just do it!
  • She reminded us how important it is to read to children, and how important is for us to change the way our children feel represented.
  • She is working on her 2nd book at the moment! We wish you the best Zainab!